The Last Bits and Improvisation

by Haley Harmon

We get our CSA share every other week, so somewhere in the middle of week two we are down to a few odds and ends in the vegetable drawer. I’m usually out of ideas of things to make at this point, not enthusiastic about the wilting things in my fridge. This is when it’s tempting to go to the grocery store and start anew with fresh ingredients. I try really hard to not give into that temptation though, to eek out a few more meals and to get creative and not let anything go to waste. Last night was one of those evenings with a single lonely zucchini in the drawer along with a rogue pepper and some potatoes and odds and ends of cheese. At this point I usually google for recipes with a couple main ingredients and then improvise with what I have on hand. Last night I came across this simple casserole recipe. I subbed out the cottage cheese for leftover ricotta and goat cheese, added in my pepper and a few other things I had lying around and then all of the sudden I had a new dinner recipe. When I came home from work I didn’t know how all of these things would come together into a meal, but they did and wonderfully. My improvisations don’t always turn out that well, but that is how your learn, when you have very few things left to work with but you just have to make it work.

Side Note: I know this isn’t a painting, I think that’s okay every once in a while. I’m still figuring out what this little piece of the internetz should be. Thanks for joining me on the journey to figuring it out.

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