Recipes from Friends: Maura from Folk Fibers

by Haley Harmon

Maura is one of the most inspiring people I have ever met. She hand dyes fabric and makes her own quilts for her company Folk Fibers down in Austin, TX. All of these quilts start out as watercolors which I of course LOVE. And if you follow Maura on instagram (@folkfibers) you will see the most beautiful homegrown heirloom produce you have ever set your eyes on. So after taking in all of this vegetable eye candy I asked Maura if she would contribute a recipe to Don’t Eat the Paintings. Here is her homegrown heirloom tomato recipe.

pick the tomatoes
-slice the tomatoes (not too thin)
-place them on a plate
-lightly salt them
-dollop of mayo on each
-pepper them
-pass the plate and slice and eat

So really it’s just sliced tomatoes with mayo!

All my life my parents have grown their own tomatoes and on those summer days when we would have more tomatoes that we knew what to do with we would just slice them up and serve them like this. It was always a hit, never once did someone sit at the table and not partake in the sliced tomatoes…in fact my sister and I would fight over them, like i get that one it’s bigger or riper or redder or whatever it was at the time. My sister and I would also sometimes go overboard with the mayo and we learned more mayo is not always better, a good balance of mayo and tomato is key.

This recipe made me so happy. It is so simple and perfect. Not everything needs to be overly complicated or require fancy ingredients. Sometimes the best recipes are the ones grown with love in your back yard.

Thank you so much Maura for sharing. And please do check out Maura’s work, there’s a wonderful video of her and more of her story here.

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