How to Pit a Cherry the Easy Way

by Haley Harmon

We got a big bunch of beautiful sour cherries in our CSA share. I was really excited about making a big cherry pie until I started thinking about how long it was going to take to pit all of those little fruits. I did some internet searching for pitting methods and was a little discouraged until I came across this technique in the comment section of one of the posts that I found.

I’m convinced that this method, once you get it down, is even faster than chopping them. And it’s so nice to keep all of the cherries whole for your pie. Not to mention there is very little clean up!

So here’s the technique:

Basically you take a cherry, hold it upside down over the top of the bottle and then poke the cherry pit and stem out with a chopstick. The bottle catches all the pits and stems and you’re left with a whole cherry!

I used one of Martha’s recipes for the pie and it turned out so beautiful! This would be the perfect dessert for your 4th of July BBQ. Here’s the recipe.

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