Herriott Grace: Some Loveliness for Your Week

by Haley Harmon

This is a beautiful portrait that Jason and I watched last week. It’s the story of Nikole Herriott’s father Lance, the humble craftsman. Nikole and Lance are the father and daughter behind the Herriott Grace shop. It’s been such a delight to follow the Herriott’s via the internets and blogs that I love. I really enjoyed being to be able to see the man behind the craft and the love shared between the father and daughter duo.

So if you have a free night this week I recommend cozying up on the couch with a cup of tea and a piece of pie (preferably made from one of the recipes on Herriott Grace’s blog) and enjoy their story.

(you may have to refresh your browser to view this video)

Herriott Grace from Supplemental on Vimeo.

Video shared with permission from Nikole Herriott

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